With a little bit of courage

I didn’t think that it will work.

But with a little bit of courage, I sang and let my words and melodies come out from my mouth.


Words were heard.  Notes were sung.

And they reached to some people’s ears.


With a little bit of courage, we can start moving.

With a little bit of courage, we can open new doors.


Still, we have a long way to go,

but with a little bit of courage, a little bit of words, and a little bit of songs,

We will keep on moving on.


I cried, so I’m ready now.

It’s ok to cry if you need to.

Yes, I was upset today.
With someone and with myself, too.

I’m so tired of being used or convenient for somebody.
I blamed myself and people who have used me.

Then I cried. I cried to get all of my resentment and sadness out of me.

I feel better now.
I am ready to start all over again now.
I don’t have any regret now.
I don’t think about past anymore now.

I cried, so I am ready now.

Be with someone who…

Be with someone who loves you for who you are.

That’s the most important thing,  and I’ve learned that from my experiences.

You should be with someone who simply wants to spend times with you
because he/she wants to see you smile, work on something, cry, and sleep next to him/her.

Be with someone who respects you and cares about you.

Do not be with someone who takes you for granted, acts like it’s your job to take care of him/her, and blames you for every bad things happening to him/her.

You have every right to be happy with someone special.
Don’t ever let anybody make you feel like you are responsible to make someone happy by sacrificing yourself.

You should want to take care of the person because you love him/her, not because you feel responsible to do so.

Be with someone who genuinely makes you feel loved.
I’m telling you, you gotta be happy with someone special. 

Right Decision

Sometimes, I feel hurt by something and don’t even know why it hurts.

More than likely, I am the one who made the decision and left.

So there should not be anybody I can blame.


Still, I believe that I made a good decision.

I believe that I could put myself in a better path to the brighter future.


So…  No regret. No thinking-too-much. No cry. No feeling-down. No depression.

I made nothing but a right decision.

So my future will be nothing but a good one.