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Actions and Changes: Goals for June

Wow…. it’s already June.


What did I do in May…? hmmm…. technically, I was excited that the summer break is finally here,

and became lazy…. slept until 10 or 11 all the time…. stayed in the house all day…


yeah… change is gotta come.


I’ve been watching Foodnetwork channel allllllllll day during the past week (well, because I love food and I am getting to like cooking too),

and one time, I had a deep thought.


Man, these people are trying so hard to show what they can do.

Cooking is an experiment oftentime (well, at least I believe so).

You try so many ways to get the particular flavor you want to get.

You put so many ingredients to achieve certain texture, color, flavor etc etc….

You never know what will work until you actually try it.


You know, when you watch these cooking battle shows where chefs attempt to cook great dishes within certain amount of time,

no matter what happens, they never stop and finish what they have started.


Really impressive, isn’t it?


And I thought, “wow, I wanna be like them.”


Well, of course, I wanna become a good cook like them literally,

but not only that.

I wanna be a person who actively takes actions all the time in order to achieve something.


Fortunately, I started doing inside exercises like stretching and Zumba during the past two weeks,

I am determined to continue that.

In terms of academic stuff, I really need to finish a major amount of readings done this month.

Seriously, this is not a joke.  I gotta keep pushing Ph.D. student button on more often.


Therefore, this month’s goals: Actions & Changes.

Yup, gotta make it happen.


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