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Choice for My Life

After several days of thinking,
I’ve come to the conclusion that we all should have a right to choose.

It’s YOUR life and YOU are the one who chooses whatever makes you happy for your life.

You can listen to other people’s opinions, but oftentimes, they make you confused about what you really want.
Listen to them, but think about them before saying “Ok, I will follow your advice” in order to figure out if they are really for your own good or they are just trying to control your mind.

I choose to be someone who strive to be the best for MYSELF and for MY life.

I am really tired of people who act like they are my friends and tell me what to do because they CARE about me.
But usually, they just want to tell me what THEY think what’s best for me.

Well…. what do they know about me…?
How much do they know what I really want for my life…?

Frankly saying, they don’t know anything.

So, you think that if I follow YOUR advice, I would make ME happy.
Fine, but what I think is that if I follow YOUR advice, that would only make YOU happy.

It’s kind of sad that people I thought that they are real friends to me have been acting like
it’s their job to LEAD me to a RIGHT way or something like that.

But please mind your own business.
Don’t worry. I got this.
I need to, well, I should be the one who controls my life and I will.

It’s been the summer filled with learning for sure.

But it’s a good thing
because I’m learning to choose to be happy for myself.


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