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I’m in the process, too

When I talked about what I said in the last blog post (about how we should have a right to choose whatever makes us happy for our lives) on Facebook,
one of my friend left a comment saying that as long as we are talking about this or actually mentioning about this,
we are still in process of realizing it and becoming a person who can actually make decisions for OURSELVES without being concerned about what other people think.

I wrote her back,
“Well, of course I am in the process, too.  And I am happy about it, because at least I know what I want to be and am expressing it,
and I am trying to become a better me.  At least, I know that I am moving forward.”

I can’t change myself instantly of course, and I often feel that I am staying at one place too long and tired of it.
But surely, something must be changing inside of me every day. Every moment.

So, I am in the process…. to become a better me always.


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