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The importance of talking

I was reminded a few days ago that I am not good at telling anybody about who I am.
well… maybe more like I am not good at talking about my problems and at asking for help.

I tend to think that I should be strong and deal with my problems by myself.
But at the same time, once I start thinking about the problems, I think too much and don’t take actions to actually start solving them.

I get so quiet.
I get so irritated.

Then I say something that I don’t mean to say to somebody I love.

I am really thankful that I have somebody who is willing to just listen… or who WANTS to listen to me complaining.
As soon as I actually start talking about my problems, I feel my stress getting smaller.

I do hope that I won’t hold back whatever bothers me and will be able to communicate with my friends, bf, and family better.


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