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Hello my thinking – negatively time

I just said, “I quit.”
I quit what?  I dunno.

I just feel like I can’t ever find a way to stay happy.
I guess I am very good at finding reasons not to be happy.

See, I should just go with the flow,
And am not supposed to think about things.
Like when you are dancing to the music at the club or bar.

But I can’t even do that.
I can’t even try to enjoy dancing when someone I love asks me to dance with him.

Sad, isn’t it…?

oh, I also said, “I should not be in anybody’s life”

Too much? Maybe so.
But I just keep feeling that I am messing up other people’s happiness too.
I certainly did tonight.

Hello thinking-negatively time.
I’ve seen you so many times lately.
When will I get to say goodbye to you….?


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