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Small Starts

I read something like this in one of the blog post I came across yesterday.

“Actually getting started is the hardest part.”

I do agree with it, and yes, it is so hard for me to start something I don’t like.

It’s hard to get up from the bed and start the day.
It’s hard to just open the book that I need to read.
It’s hard to open the word file on my computer and start typing.

Everyday is filled with small starts.  and I am the one who must start these things.

So far….
I did get up from the bed even though I stayed in the bed until near noon.
I have not opened the books yet, but I decided to open the laptop and try other things that I can do academically.

so…. yup, it’s better than nothing, right?

I do believe that change won’t come in one day.
I do believe that it will take time for me to be confident about myself.

So today is another start for me to get closer to what I want to be.  Little by little.

Ok, let’s start another small step to what I need to make a progress on…..



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