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But yet….

So…. it is important to express my feelings and emotions to someone I love.
Yes… I get it. but what is the point of expressing it even though I already know that the expression doesn’t change anything or make things better…?

This is the feeling I have had so many times.
But yet, if I chose not to express because I care, it is judged as a failure on communication and my lack of ability to express or face my emotions and feelings.

And here I am, trying not to shed tears even though I am extremely disappointed and sad.

It is said that if you really want something,
you should visualize it and work hard for it, then eventually you will get what you want.
Honestly, I don’t know about that at this moment…

Man, I was doing better on staying positive.
but yet, here I am, repeating this emotional fight in my head over and over again.


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