Made a mistake, but I took care of it

Today started in good ways.

I got up earlier than usual.
I ate breakfast.
I started taking actions before thinking too much….

Then I came to do the grass cutting that I have been doing for my boss to make some money for summer.

Then…. I locked myself out from her house….  sigh…

Well I didn’t get panicked actually.
I just looked up the locksmith online and called.

20 mins until the locksmith will come help.
So… I continued cutting grass.  And done.

The locksmith came. I ended up paying $40…. sigh….

This is life.

But I am not dying.
I figured out what to do without being upset too much and crying about it.

Yup this $40 is not good for my finance right now but oh well, better than spend days outside.

I took care of it. And I am thankful that I could.